We are pleased to announce that abstract submission is now open until  May 24th, 2019.
Please use the following template to prepare your abstract.


  • All abstracts must be submitted and presented in English, the official language of the conference.
  • The preferred topic for the abstract should be indicated. 
  • Abstracts submitted for session F (ITTW) will undergo a separate review by the ITTW Scientific Committee.
  • Accepted abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings and be fully available via open access.


A. Physical Sciences:

A1. Biophysics (also Life Sciences)

A2. Combustion

A3. Critical Fluids

A4. Diffusion in Non-metallic Mixtures

A5. Emulsions

A6. Fundamental Physics

A7. Geophysical Fluid Flows

A8. Granular Media

A9. Marangoni Convection

A10. Material Science and Processing

A11. Plasma Physics

A12. Soft Matter and Complex Fluids

A13. Thermophysical Properties

A14. Vibrations in Fluids

A15. Other Physical Sciences topics

B. Life Sciences:


B1. Astrobiology

B2. Cell Biology

B3. Microorganisms and Anthropods

B4. Plant Biology

Human Physiology and Medicine:

B5. Cardio and Vestibular Systems

B6. Countermeasures

B7. Immune System

B8. Muscoskeletal System

B9. Personalised Medicine Approaches for Space Exploration

B10. Space and Ageing

B11. Wound Healing: Tissue Repair and Regeneration

B12. Other Life Sciences topics

C. Technologies

C.1 Low Gravity Platforms

C.2 Technological Developments

D. Education

E. Special Topic: Lunar Gravity

F. International Conference on Two Phase Systems for Space and Ground Applications, ITTW-2019

F.1 Experiments in Microgravity

F.2 Boiling, Evaporation and Condensation

F.3 Films, Layers and Interfaces

F.4 Physics of Contact Line and Wetting

F.5 Microchannels and Minichannels

F.6 Thermocapillary Flow

F.7 Spray, Jets and Two-Phase Flows

F.8 Bubbles, Drops and Foams

F.9 Electronics Cooling

F.10 Properties of Vapor–Liquid–Solid Interfaces